Cyber Infidelity:
The New Seduction

Marlene Wasserman authored this new book under her pseudonym DR EVE. Utilizing the database of, she brings you cutting edge research on Cyber Infidelity. There is also a great book on cryptocurrency for beginners and advanced investors. This book provides a complete guide on how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. After going through the book, you can choose trading bots like Immediate Edge for live trading. Before starting the application, you can check the immediate edge review of people to verify the reliability of the site.

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The woman behind DR EVE

"DR EVE stands strongly as a professional, respectful South African Sexual Health and Rights brand. My goal continues to be to create forums , specifically on social media, for people to gather and learn and express their views as they consider their sexuality, and relationships.

Today MARLENE WASSERMAN stands separately , as an individual brand, an international brand, as the proud founder of the DR EVE brand. Now the pioneer of Cyber Infidelity research and practice."

- Founder Marlene Wasserman

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